Vinnik will be extradited to the US

Russian citizen faces 55 years of imprisonment and a multimillion fine
04 October 2017   515

The Council of Judges in Thessaloniki granted the US request for the extradition of a Russian Alexander Vinnik, suspected of laundering a large amount in crypto-currencies through the BTC-e exchange. This is reported by RIA News.

In the US, Alexander faces up to 55 years in prison, as well as a multimillion-dollar fine.

During the day defense of the Russian intends to protest this decision in the supreme court of Greece - Areopagus.

The decision will be appealed and will not come into force, simultaneously the consideration of the Russian extradition request will begin, and the so-called procedure for the requests competition will begin. The corresponding decision obviously has a political character - whose request for Greece is more weighty.

Timofey Musatov
Defender of Alexander Vinnik

According to lawyers, Areopagus can review the case in 15-20 days.

Alexander Vinnik himself did not admit his guilt during the meeting, although he stated that he worked for BTC-e as an independent technical expert.

I have nothing to do with the BTC-E website. I am neither the owner, nor the manager, nor the accountant. I am an independent technical expert and this is one of my clients.

Alexander Vinnik

BTC-e Representatives more than once refuted Vinnik's connection with the exchange, but the suspect himself later stated that he had "fulfilled his official duties" in the BTC-e.

Earlier, the Greek court postponed the decision to extradite a Russian "in connection with a large amount of materials." At the same time, the defense experts of Vinnik called the statements of the prosecution "far-fetched", and in Vinnik agreed to extradition to Russia. 

Vinnik is associated with the theft of funds from the Japanese stock exchange MtGox.

Meanwhile, in Russia, against Alexander Vinnik, a criminal case was also instituted on charges of fraud in a particularly large amount. On August 11, the Ostankino District Court elected the Russian citizen a preventive measure in the form of detention in absentia. On August 18, the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia sent a request to the Ministry of Justice of Greece for the extradition of Vinnik of the Russian Federation for its criminal prosecution. 

Vinnik Asked For Political Asylum in Greece

While the question of granting Vinnik political asylum is being considered, he can not be extradited
22 January 2018   168

Russian Alexander Vinnik, accused in the US of laundering several billion dollars, asked for political asylum in Greece. This was reported by his lawyer Ilias Spirliadis to Vesti. Ru

He noted that if his client is extradited to the American side, then they will be treated not according to European standards, but, possibly, he will be tortured. In addition, Vinnik is an expert in the field of the blockchain, and this information is of interest to the US authorities, which gives the case a political coloration, the lawyer added.

According to him, the statement was sent to the Minister of Justice of Greece, as well as to the Attorney General's Office of Athens and Thessaloniki. It will take time to review the document, so while Vinnik is not extradited anywhere. If a negative decision is taken, it can be appealed.

In addition, a complaint is being prepared to the European Court of Human Rights. Defence of the Russian believes that certain articles of the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms were violated against him, reports Interfax.

In July 2017, the Greek authorities detained a 38-year-old Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik, who was accused of laundering $ 4 to $ 9 billion and manipulating the cryptocurrency. The request for its extradition was also sent by the Russian Prosecutor General's Office. At home, he is accused of major fraud. On October 4, the Greek court granted a request for the extradition of Vinnik USA. Later, the Supreme Court of Athens confirmed the legality of this decision.