Vinnik's US Extradition To Be Appealed To The ECHR

Timofey Musatov, defender of Russian Alexandr Vinnik hopes for a successful resolution of the case 
17 January 2018   764

Lawyers of Russian Alexander Vinnik within the next ten days will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights of the Greek court's decision on his extradition to the United States. This was stated by the lawyer of the defendant Timofey Musatov, and reported by RIA News.

Vinnik himself still did not admit his guilt and calls the case "an American provocation", lawyers say that there is no crime.

Earlier, one of the judges in Thessaloniki decided to extradite Vinnik to Russia, and another - to the United States. A month ago, the appeal of lawyers to these decisions was rejected by the Supreme Court of Greece. The final decision on this issue must be made by the Minister of Justice of Greece.

The documents were submitted to the Minister of Justice, at the moment he is considering them. Within ten days from today, a complaint will be filed with the European Court regarding the decision of the court of the city of Thessaloniki.

Timofey Musatov

Defender of Alexandr Vinnik

He said that the statement to the ECHR was prepared with the recommendations of experts of the highest level from the international legal community who believe that the chances for a successful resolution of the case are high.

Musatov also added that the defense received a decryption of the decisions of the Supreme Court.

It allows to say that the Greek court, including the Supreme Court, admitted that the accusations of the United States Attorney's Office were far-fetched, excessive, and this is actually abuse of the law by the United States.

Timofey Musatov

Defender of Alexandr Vinnik

According to him, the defense to date has taken all necessary measures to protect the rights of the client and the impossibility of his extradition to the United States.

38-year-old Russian Alexander Vinnik was detained by the police of Greece at the request of the US on July 25. He is charged with 21 items, including laundering shadow revenues of $ 4 billion and creating a bitcoin exchange BTC-e for illegal money transactions.

WEX to be Called for Singapore Court

Thai citizen, ex BTC-e trader Pimporn Karti, filed a claim for $2,600,000 to WEX 
12 July 2018   1189

In accordance with the order issued by the High Court of Singapore with respect to World Exchange Services (WEX), the defendant is obligated to pay Pimporn Karti, a Thai citizen, $ 2,619,912.08 plus additional SGD 2,000 or appear on 12 July to protect its interests in the trial. Otherwise, the court can make a decision not in favor of the defendant without further notice, the document says. This is reported by Coin Radio.

WEX is the legal successor to the infamous BTC-e exchange - once the largest Russian crypto exchange. BTC-e ceased to exist after the arrest in July 2017 Alexander Vinnik. At the same time, the FBI arrested the exchange server in the data center in New Jersey.

According to the statement of claim, which is attached to the court summons sent to WEX, on September 19, 2017, the crypto-exchange on its official website notified that it received from the BTC-e digital user profiles in full. At the same time, access to the client's assets was lost.

The plaintiff since 2012 was the trader of the BTC-e site, where he had three accounts with four crypto-currencies: bitcoin, ether, lightcoin and Namecoin. As of July 3, 2017, one of the accounts held 10 572.36 LTC coins. The plaintiff does not remember the balances of the other two accounts, because since July 25, access to the BTC-e platform was impossible.

On September 20, WEX returned access to the system. Upon entering the account, the plaintiff discovered that the structure of the balances on his accounts changed, some funds were lost.

Then the husband of Pimporn Carti contacted the WEX support service and asked to return the balances to the previous state. He was told that all claims of customers for reimbursement are considered by a third party - the company FXOpen, which provides trading services in the forex market. On October 2, 2017, FXOpen informed the plaintiff by e-mail that it had no means of BTC-e in its system and recommended to contact the representatives of this site again.

However, the defendant did not comply with the request and did not provide a report on how the balances of the plaintiff's accounts were reduced.

At the moment, Pimporn Carti, a Thai citizen, has the following requirements for WEX:

  • return the balances according to the following structure: 139,81467001 BTC, 11,645.36 LTC, 715.21047164 Name coins, 49.61 ETH;
  • as an alternative: to pay monetary compensation in the amount of 3 512 306.53 Singapore dollars, which is equivalent to $ 2 619 912.08. The amount is calculated in accordance with the WEX crypto exchange rate as of May 25, 2018;
  • as an alternative: provide all the necessary data on the balances of all plaintiff accounts opened in BTC-e and transferred to WEX.