Visualizing Aircraft Data

Oracle IoT Cloud Service, Raspberry Pi, and Radio Surveillance will help to visualize aircraft data
12 October 2017   2192

Need to track a single aircraft or an entire fleet without spending a ton of money? In this session, the speakers explore real-life use cases for the Internet of Things and embedded systems with the Raspberry Pi. They build an inexpensive Raspberry Pi setup, including a dual-band Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) radio receiver, GPS receiver, network interface, and Java interface to Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service. They integrate this data with an Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET) framework viewing traffic in real time. The FAA’s ADS-B is a precise satellite-based surveillance system that broadcasts real-time weather, uses GPS technology to determine any aircraft’s location and airspeed, and relays that data to those who are listening.


  • Jerry Ward, Managing Partner, Viscosity North America
  • Rich Niemiec, Chief Innovation Officer, Viscosity North America

GitHub to Relaese Mobile App

With phone users can watch messages about bugs, answer questions, assign tasks, do code reviews, merges
18 November 2019   114

GitHub makes a mobile service application for iOS and Android. Representatives of the service spoke about this at the GitHub Universe 2019 conference in San Francisco and on their blog.

From the phone you can watch messages about bugs, answer questions, assign tasks, do code reviews, merges. The application will automatically adapt to the screen resolution of the phone or tablet.

The beta version for iOS is already available for testing. To be one of the first to try the beta version for Android, you need to sign up for a waiting list on the site.