Vitalike Buterin May Consider Google

Co-creator of Ethereum received an email from Google's HR specialist and made a poll on Twitter
21 May 2018   936

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, asked the community to prompt him to quit his work on the crypto platform for the position at Google. This is reported by Cryptovest.

Buterin posted a poll on this issue in his Twitter along with a screenshot of the letter, in which he was offered to join the search giant. Later the tweet was deleted, probably due to the fact that Buterin accidentally opened the email address of the sender (in the original message, the address was completely visible).

Vitalik Buterin Twitter
Vitalik Buterin Twitter

The letter was sent by Elizabeth Garcia, a HR specialist at Google, as described in her profile on LinkedIn.

In mid-March, it became known that Google is developing its own solution for the cloud services and a distributed ledger that third parties can use to send and verify transactions.

In April, the founders of the Nebulas, Loopring and Gifto crypto currency projects and former Google employees Hitters Syu, Daniel Wang and Andy Tian created a community called xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA) for other ex-Gougs interested in blocking technology.

The representative of Google also confirmed the information that the company is engaged in its own developments in the field of distributed registry technology, but refused to disclose details.

Monoplasma Ethereum Scaling Technology Unveiled

Monoplasma developers claim that the technology will help solve the problem of repeat payments from one address to many others
18 February 2019   105

The developers of the blockchain platform Streamr presented a solution for scaling the Ethereum network called Monoplasma. It is reported by CoinDesk.

The creators of the project claim that the technology will help solve the problem of repeat payments from one address to many others. Monoplasma, in their opinion, will be useful to developers of decentralized applications focused on the distribution of dividends, staking and repeated airdrops.

The head of Streamr, Henry Pinkala, also demonstrated fake token airdrop for 200 thousand Ethereum addresses in a test network using Monoplasma.

You can receive money, but you can’t send back the other way. That would be like trying to send a message to your TV. 

Shiv Malik

Head of communications for Streamr

Thus, Monoplasma payment channels are reliably protected from the attack of double waste.

Streamr intends to use a new solution for the mass sale of user data on the blockchain, allowing the buying company to settle accounts with many users at once.