Vitalike Buterin May Consider Google

Co-creator of Ethereum received an email from Google's HR specialist and made a poll on Twitter
21 May 2018   1534

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, asked the community to prompt him to quit his work on the crypto platform for the position at Google. This is reported by Cryptovest.

Buterin posted a poll on this issue in his Twitter along with a screenshot of the letter, in which he was offered to join the search giant. Later the tweet was deleted, probably due to the fact that Buterin accidentally opened the email address of the sender (in the original message, the address was completely visible).

Vitalik Buterin Twitter
Vitalik Buterin Twitter

The letter was sent by Elizabeth Garcia, a HR specialist at Google, as described in her profile on LinkedIn.

In mid-March, it became known that Google is developing its own solution for the cloud services and a distributed ledger that third parties can use to send and verify transactions.

In April, the founders of the Nebulas, Loopring and Gifto crypto currency projects and former Google employees Hitters Syu, Daniel Wang and Andy Tian created a community called xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA) for other ex-Gougs interested in blocking technology.

The representative of Google also confirmed the information that the company is engaged in its own developments in the field of distributed registry technology, but refused to disclose details.

Great Chinese Firewall to Block ETH Explorer

Looks like it's the first time that a blockchain observer (etherscan. io in this case) has become a target for Internet censorship in China
04 December 2019   116

The Great Chinese Firewall, used by the authorities to regulate access to foreign sites, blocked, one of the most popular services for viewing the statistics of the Ethereum network.

According to CoinDesk, as of early December, the portal is not accessible from IP addresses in mainland China. According to the service, blocking has been carried out at least since October 30.

Presumably this is the first time that a blockchain observer has become a target for Internet censorship in China.

This is another instance of friction between the decentralized and immutable technology of blockchain and the tightly controlled, centralized government of China. We should expect additional problems like these in the future as blockchain is integrated further into the Chinese economy and daily life.

Matthew Graham

CEO, Sino Global Capital

In his opinion, we should expect similar problems in the future, since the blockchain is increasingly being integrated into the Chinese economy.

It is not known exactly what caused to become blocked.

Last year, it was reported that users encoded censored articles in an Ethereum transaction and shared the hashes of these transactions in the WeChat messenger using

Some have used this feature to post sensitive messages without the need to worry about the message being blocked or removed, or their identity being exposed. Anyone with a blockchain explorer like Etherscan can view these messages, so it is not surprising that this website has come in the crosshairs of internet censors.

Matthew Graham

CEO, Sino Global Capital

The founder of, Matthew Tan, confirmed that the site in China has been blocked "for the past three months." He could not name the exact date and reason for what happened.