WandX to enable payments channel

Decentralized exchange WandX will be rolling payments channel out on May 14 to enable seamless payment via any ERC20 Token
14 May 2018   208

A platform for creation and decentralized trade of Ethereum tokens WandX is releasing payments channel on May 14. Last month the platform has released the contracts that enable seamless payment through any ERC20 token using a payment channel. This is a solution to situations when a continuous payment is necessary between the parties.

Major advantages of the approach are:

  • A payment can be initiated every hour and no gas fee will be charged;
  • the payment channel will be the only environment to resolve disputes;
  • these payment channels will be able to handle micro payments for hourly work, music and video streaming

Ropsten testnet was where the payment channel app was tested. bC should be rolled out on May 14. Every channel implementation and for every closed channel either the platform or the users can use Wand and get implementation cost discount.

At the moment of publication, the market parameters for WandX are as follows:

Average price $0.116733
Market cap $1,429,295
Average price $29,657