WandX to release put option front-end

WandX plans to release the front-end for put option trading on March 17 for their decentralized token creation and exchange platform
16 March 2018   1339

WandX is releasing put options front-end for their decentralized token creation and exchange platform. The soon to be released tools will provide a comprehensive frontend environment for users to create and trade their ERC20-based tokens through put options.

For the benefit of general public it's better to provide a little more info on such trading scheme. Put option is a standard option trading method and the name is derived from the fact that the owner has the right to “put up sof sale” the stock or index. The gist of such options – after acquiring the option you can (but don't have to, mind you) sell some amount of an underlying asset back to the seller of the put before the expiration date.

One of the main factors in this kind of deal is a strike price, which is a fixed price for an option the seller has to buy it off of you, if you decide to sell it back. The possible outcome resides on the time you decide to sell off – you're better to do so before the stock price falls below the strike price, else you'll have to cope with losing your money outright. But such is the nature of any stock market.

So, in the case of WandX platform, it provides a high-risk trading with multitude of created tokens for experienced market players. Considering the fact that now anyone from any field of business can create ERC20 token and trade them for another tokens or Etherium in such a form, it can have a significant impact on the market.

At the moment of publishing, these are the main market parameters of WandX:

Average price: $0,060742
Market cap: $743 738
24h volume: $9 017

Coinsquare to Acquire StellarX

StellarX team belives Coinsquare is a great fit and it will help to develop the exchange
15 February 2019   117

Coinsquare, the largest Canadian bitcoin exchange, has acquired the decentralized StellarX exchange. The deal became a natural continuation of the BlockEQ XLM purse purchase in December 2018.

The StellarX Exchange is built on the Stellar protocol and offers users peer-to-peer trading in a number of cryptocurrencies and even some fiat pairs.

Note that the site does not provide custodial services and does not have access to the means of users.

Coinsquare intends to request a license for StellarX from the regulators of Bermuda. The position of CEO of the platform will be taken by the head of BlockEQ, Megha Bambra.

From here, StellarX will continue along the roadmap we announced last Fall, led by a dedicated team at Coinsquare of developers and designers who will make StellarX into the product we know it can be. StellarX will continue to operate and grow under its own brand. [...] To fulfill its potential, StellarX needs a home with regulatory experience and with a full-scope plan to build around the app. Coinsquare is the perfect fit.

StellarX Team

At the beginning of last year, the Canadian stock exchange raised $ 30 million from Canaccord Genuity. In 2018, she entered the European market, and also planned expansion to Japan.