WannaMine Can Hack Any System, CrowdStrike Says

According to CrowdStrike security company research, WannaMine XMR miner can hack any system
01 February 2018   1329

Experts in the field of information security from CrowdStrike reported a significant increase in WinnerMine's cyber attacks, intended for the hidden mining of the Monero crypto currency. As part of the program, hackers use the EternalBlue exploit, stolen from the US National Security Agency.

According to experts, in some cases, the work of companies affected by WannaMine, was stopped for several days or weeks. To establish the fact of infection is not easy, because the malicious program does not download any applications to the victim device.

WannaMine employs “living off the land” techniques such as Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) permanent event subscriptions as a persistence mechanism. It also propagates via the EternalBlue exploit popularized by WannaCry. Its fileless nature and use of legitimate system software such as WMI and PowerShell make it difficult, if not impossible, for organizations to block it without some form of next-generation antivirus.

CrowdStrike Research

It is worth noting that EternalBlue is not the main component of WannaMine. First of all, the program uses the Mimikatz utility in order to get logins and passwords from the computer's memory. If this fails, WannaMine resorts to EternalBlue.Thanks to this feature WannaMine can hack any system, even with the latest updates.

For the first time, WannaMine's attack was recorded by Panda Security experts in October of last year.

Monero to Undergo Hard Fork

All Monero holders as of block 1529810 will become owners of MoneroV on March 14
21 February 2018   73

MoneroV is a private cryptocurrency fork of the Monero blockchain. A split will occur at block 1529810 when MoneroV miners will start to create blocks on the MoneroV network.

The new MoneroV blockchain will contain the history of all transaction up until block 1529810 and all Monero coin holders will receive 10x their XMR balance amount as MoneroV coins (XMV) after the fork.

MoneroV hard fork roadmapMoneroV Roadmap


  • Decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain transaction consensus
  • Using lower transaction fees and advanced modification to the core mechanism in the way MoneroV calculates transactions and balances
  • Sending and receiving addresses are obfuscated, as well as all amounts being transferred in all transactions, and the identity cannot be linked or traced to a transaction on the MoneroV blockchain


  • Coin Supply - Capped at 256 Million XMV. Smooth emission decline until minimum
  • Circulating Supply at Hard Fork - ~158 Million XMV (10x circulating XMR supply as airdrop)
  • Proof of Work - CryptoNight (to be changed)
  • Difficulty Retarget - Every block, adjusted difficulty initially after Airdrop
  • Block Time - Every 120 seconds
  • Block Reward - Minimum of 6 XMV per block at 184,467,440 XMV in total emission
  • Block Size - Dynamic, max 2xM100

Monero holders prior to the hard-fork split that will occur in block 1529810 will receive 10 times their holdings in MoneroV coins.

No official statements regarding the support of the fork by exchanges were made yet.