Waves and Group-IB partner to maintain phishing issues

Waves platform announced partnership with Group-IB in order to maintain preventing and investigating high-tech crimes and online fraud
16 January 2018   198

Waves platform reported in the Medium blog that WAVES holders have been targeted by a phishing scam on Facebook several times, and that Waves team stated that it was a scam. In order to solve this issue and prevent further problems, Waves decided to partner with cybersecurity firm Group-IB, a global leader in combating high-tech crime and online fraud.

Decentralising value requires a new paradigm, and it’s important for users to remember that the flipside of being in control of their own funds is that there is no authority to reverse a fraudulent transaction. We would therefore urge our community to be vigilant of such phishing attempts and report and malicious sites and links immediately.

Alexander Ivanov

CEO, Waves Platform

Group-IB is a company which is protecting banks,insurance and financial institutions from a various threats like phishing attacks, online fraud, malicious programs, unauthorized remote connection to clients devices in order to conduct transactions. Waves decided to partner with the company to prevent its users from being cyber attacked.

Does it make sense to wait for the risk to turn into a real problem? WAVES and its community have already answered this question: protection of the business and its assets is a priority for any industry regardless of its age. And we are glad that the companies of the crypto insdustry are gradually coming to this understanding: WAVES and its community serve as an example of this.

Ilya Sachkov

CEO, Group-IB

Previously, we have reported that China-based blockchain asset  exchange Binance announced adding trading pairs with Waves cryptocurrency.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Waves:

  • Average price: $8,74
  • Marketcap: $873 704 000
  • 24h volume: $43 975 900

Waves to Update Token Launcher

Waves will include token burning and additional token issuance to the Token Launcher UI by March 8 of 2018
08 March 2018   145

Waves was designed to address the shortcomings of existing blockchains, with custom token creation and management. Whilst there are several blockchain platforms that allow users to create custom tokens, these all have various flaws for mainstream users.

Waves is developing Token Launcher and successfully implementing its updates.

Waves token launcher Token Launcher Waves

Token Launcher features:

  • No smart contracts required
  • No programming experience needed
  • No code audit required, minimising overheads
  • No maintenance or monitoring needed
  • Tokens can be launched in a few seconds
  • It costs just 1 WAVES to launch a new token
  • Tokens can be traded immediately on Waves exchange

The Waves team has already updated the token launcher with a new interface and new functionality, but by March 8 of 2018, Waves should include token burning and additional token issuance to the UI. Later in 2018, a mass-distribution function will be added which should allow issuers to send their tokens to many addresses at once.