Waves Client Beta Desktop Released

The desktop version of Waves Client Beta is currently available on MacOS and Linux, and will be available on Windows from February 3
02 February 2018   320

Waves, a digital platform which aims to provide solutions for storing, trading, managing and issuing digital assets easily and securely, has announced the launch of Waves Client Beta application for desktop. The standalone application is available for MacOS and Linux from February 2, and the Windows version will be available from February 3.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Waves:

Average price: $5,93 
Marketcap: $593 140 000 
24h volume: $27 225 700

Waves to Update Token Launcher

Waves will include token burning and additional token issuance to the Token Launcher UI by March 8 of 2018
08 March 2018   150

Waves was designed to address the shortcomings of existing blockchains, with custom token creation and management. Whilst there are several blockchain platforms that allow users to create custom tokens, these all have various flaws for mainstream users.

Waves is developing Token Launcher and successfully implementing its updates.

Waves token launcher Token Launcher Waves

Token Launcher features:

  • No smart contracts required
  • No programming experience needed
  • No code audit required, minimising overheads
  • No maintenance or monitoring needed
  • Tokens can be launched in a few seconds
  • It costs just 1 WAVES to launch a new token
  • Tokens can be traded immediately on Waves exchange

The Waves team has already updated the token launcher with a new interface and new functionality, but by March 8 of 2018, Waves should include token burning and additional token issuance to the UI. Later in 2018, a mass-distribution function will be added which should allow issuers to send their tokens to many addresses at once.