Waves to Launch Smart Contracts on Testnet

The Smart Contracts will be released on the TestNet in April 2018 and then will go live on MainNet in May 2018
28 March 2018   1194

Waves has recenlty held a meetup in Amsterdam, where the team shared the updates coming from their development department, including the information regarding the launch of smart contracts. The Smart Contracts will be released on the TestNet in April 2018 and then they will go live on MainNet in May 2018. 

The Smart contracts of Waves, which are based on TX type and fields, height/timestamp and data on the blockchain will let the users create a custom lock which takes more data input to release or send some transaction. Later, the atomic swaps will be supported and this will surely be an incredible implementation for Waves Gateways. 

The development team is mainly focusing on security and testing backwards compatibility so the release of Turing Complete Smart Contracts is also considered. The release of a lot of new features is scheduled for April 2018 before the launch of smart contracts, including fair Proof of Stake, new transaction fee rules in consensus, data transactions, major optimizations for levelDB, and, eventually, of course, preparations for smart contracts release. We are looking forward to receiving more information regarding the exact date of the release.

London is to host WAVES meetup

An exclusive event of WAVES London Meetup is set on April 18 with discussions on latest developments of the platform
09 April 2018   1174

WAVES has announced a meetup session in London. It is taking place on April 18 at Rooms on Regent's Park. The project is ready to present fruits of long-term work, namely an 'all-encompassing' interface for the blockchain ecosystem. The interface includes WAVES own decentralized exchange and a wallet. Both Moscow and London shall be present to be announce plans for 2018 and share the completed achievements.

WAVES founder and CEO S. Ivanov will give a speech on the overview of the platform and potential business gains it poses as well as address blockchain scaling problem and possible solutions. WAVES Lead Scala developer I. Smagin will give a talk on WAVES Smart Contracts and its roadmap. News, plans and strategy for 2018 will be presented by WAVES UK Ambassador S. Biggs and Head of Events P. Soldatkin. Afterwards there will be a Q&A session followed by a networking time.

At the moment of publication, WAVES market characteristics are as follows

Average price: $3.46

Market cap: $345,856,000

Volume (24H): $16,862,500