Waves launches gateways for LTC and ZEC

Litecoin and Zcash are now supported in the Waves client
05 October 2017   324

Waves platform adds LTC and ZEC gateaways, allowing users to send and store them in their Waves wallet and to trade them on DEX.

Accoeding to the announce, LTC and ZEC gateways are now open, and can be used to move the currencies into and out of the Waves blockchain. Thus, once the currencies have been confirmed as received by the gateway, the user’s wallet is credited with a Waves token that is 1:1 backed by the cryptocurrency held within the secure server. According to the team, fees are minimal and the only delays are those required by blockchain confirmation times.

We’re really pleased to be able to announce that two more currencies are being supported within the Waves client. Litecoin and ZCash are two of the most liquid coins and very popular among traders. By providing fully backed tokens, we enable the community to trade LTC and ZEC on DEX against any other Waves tokens — continuing to increase the options for traders who no longer wish to use centralised crypto exchanges.

Alexander Ivanov
CEO and founder of Waves Platform

On top of that change, users will also find their address is now represented by a QR code within the Lite client, making it easier than ever to make payments and payment requests.

Waves price chart on coinmarketcap.com
Waves price chart on coinmarketcap.com

Meanwhile, at the time of writing, the cryptocurrency is occupying the 18th place in the list on coinmarketcap.com. The Waves price is about $5.01, its market capitalization is $500,818,000. 

Waves Platform to Hold Meetup in Vienna, Austria

The meetup is scheduled for February 26th
16 February 2018   31

Waves Platform will hold a meetup in Vienna, Austria on February 26  where participants will be able to meet developers of Waves Platform, watch a presentation, and ask questions during an extensive Q&A session. 

Waves meetupWaves meetup

The company also announced its guest speaker: Ilya Smagin, Waves Platform Lead Scala Developer.  Since joining Waves team in late 2016, Ilya has been deeply involved with major platform optimizations, he took a key part in the implementation of Waves NG protocol and currently leads the development of Smart Contracts. 

Participants will have an opportunity to discuss the future of Smart Contracts on the Waves Platform with the man in charge of implementing the functionality. Among other topics, guests will learn how and why Waves SCs will be an improvement over what is available on other blockchains. 

It is said that Pavel Soldatkin, who has been providing great support for the organization of this meetup over the past couple of weeks, will also be in Vienna on the 26th.

Date: Monday, February 26, 2018, 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Location: Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11A 1150 Vienna, Austria