We Are at the Beginning of Tokenization, Circle CEO Says

The financial company Circle’s CEO, Jeremy Allaire spoke of the “never before seen” crypto revolution
14 June 2018   140

Blockchain can transform every aspect of finance and positively affect all sectors of the economy. This was stated by the general director of the payment startup Circle Jeremy Allaire, CoinDaily reports.

The unprecedented crypto-revolution is only the beginning of the process of general tokenization, the developer noted.

Circle's CEO listed the benefits of a tokenized global economy where stored in any form "public information becomes a cryptotoken," which has a market value and is traded on global digital asset exchanges.

Aller also said that "house, car, or service" can be tokenized using crypto assets, and any property can become the subject of financial relations.

As previously reported, the start-up Circle announced its intention to obtain a banking license at the federal level in the United States.

Bluehill IOST Blockchain Incubator to be Launched

Startup claims it will work with Binance Labs and Huobi Capital when investing in companies
21 June 2018   121

The Bluehill startup incubator was launched after the company raised $ 50 million. Its main task will be the development of the IOST ecosystem. This is reported by CoinDesk.

The company announced the beginning of accepting applications from start-ups on a long-term basis and intends to allocate an average of $ 500,000 per project, including "both seed investments of $100,000 and follow-on investments in the low millions."

It is noteworthy that the startup promises to make investments together with Binance Labs and Huobi Capital.

[We are] open to all projects irrespective of whether they're presently building on IOST. Our focus is on backing the best teams early and aligning our interests with theirs right from the start so that we can build trust and familiarity with the most enduring companies.


According to the announcement, Bluehill has already sponsored 7 projects that develop decentralized applications. Of these, 6 are developing on the IOST detachment, and the seventh creates a separate blockchain.