Web Summit: Inspiration, Technology, and Networking

Web Summit 2018, a place to meet industry leaders from all over the world and get feedback for all your awesome ideas, takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 5th - 8th
07 August 2018   992

Web Summit is the largest tech conference in the world. It connects technology community with related industries. It will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 5th - 8th, 2018.

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Web Summit has become “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace”, a crossroads for the world’s largest buyers and sellers of technology, alongside many of the world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies.

The connections you make at Web Summit are unparalleled, we met users all over the world.


About Web Summit 2017

It’s not just Europe’s largest companies that come to Web Summit, but over 7,000 CEOs from companies of all sizes and industries learning about what new software and hardware can transform their businesses. They are joined by leading academics, those at the forefront of tech and business worlds, cultural icons and influencers, and key global leaders to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.

Hype.codes has applied for the media accreditation in this large event. As always, our team is interested in the development technololgies and provide our readers with best experience. This year you will be able to hear live talks in the field of development industry of the world’s leading speakers. 


Evan Williams 

Evan Williams Founder Medium/Twitter

Evan Williams is a  U.S. computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who has founded several Internet companies. Williams was previously chairman and CEO of Twitter, one of the top ten websites on the Internet. He also founded Blogger and Medium, two of the largest and most notable blog distribution websites.

Gillian Tans 

Gillian Tans

Gillian Tans is a Dutch businesswoman who is the current Booking.com’s Chief Executive Officer, appointed in April 2016. She is responsible for the global strategy and operations of Booking.com, including the management of all business units within the organization. Previously, Tans served as Booking.com’s President and Chief Operating Officer, a role she had held since 2011, as well as other positions running of Booking.com’s Global Sales, Operations, IT, Content and Customer Care departments. During her tenure, Booking.com advanced its operations and sales across more than 224 countries and territories.

Young Sohn

Young Sohn  Samsung

Young Sohn is president and chief strategy officer for Samsung Electronics, and Chairman of the Board, Harman International. He leads development and strategy for global innovation, investment and new business creation. Prior to joining Samsung Electronics, Young served as CEO of Oak Technologies, Agilent Semiconductor (now Avago) and Inphi Corporation. 

Devin Wenig

ƒ Devin Wenig  eBay

Devin Wenig is eBay’s President & CEO. He is the 3rd CEO in the Company’s history. A purpose-driven global technology leader, Devin became CEO in July 2015, after overseeing eBay's Marketplaces business as its President for nearly four years. During his tenure at eBay, Devin has led a transformation of the business, including a technology and data-led replatforming using structured data to catalog eBay’s vast inventory; investing in artificial intelligence capabilities; activating a sharpened and more clearly differentiated brand; redesigning eBay’s mobile experiences; and expanding global reach both geographically and by category.

Now we are waiting for the confirmation of our application so that we would be able to provide our readers with the news from one of the most interesting events of the year.

Web Summit to Launch VC Fund

$50 million venture capital fund will be called Amaranthine
09 November 2018   897

Web Summit had become on of the largest tech conferences in the world. 2018 eevent was held in Lisbon, Portugal, and gathered around  2,000 start-ups and 1,500 investors.

 Web Summit organization has filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to create a $50 million venture capital fund called Amaranthine. This is reported by Financial Times.

Look, we help some companies in a really huge way for three days. What about the other 362 days?

Paddy Cosgrave

CEO, Web Summit

The fund will be supported by the data, collected at the event, regarding which start ups gather the biggest interest among people and investors. Connections, which were established in 6 six years of around the world events, are being offered to the start ups.

When we talked venture capital 10 years ago, it was all about access to finance. It was a VC choice game. It’s not just about the capital any more, it’s about the value-add. Not all venture capital is created equal. At seed stage, it’s about transformational contacts like customers, advisers to board, building networks and customers.

Siobhan Clarke

Partner, venture capital fund Episode 1

As reported, Amaranthine will be headed by Patrick Murphy, previously of Goldman Sachs and Universal’s venture arm, and Web Summit co-founder David Kelly, according to its website and SEC filing.