WebStorm IDE to Get New Update

Version 2018.3 of one of the JetBrain's IDE has many new features and updates
22 November 2018   283

JetBrains has introduced an update to the WebStorm integrated development environment. In version 2018.3, support for TypeScript 3.1, JSON format, as well as the ability to pull Requests for GitHub are implemented.

The main innovations WebStorm 2018.3:

  • Automatic import of characters from project dependencies in JavaScript, parameters have hints. Improved null and undefined checks.
  • New function "Suggest variable names."
  • TypeScript 3.1 support.
  • An accessibility check for HTML added. Also, developers have improved the removal of actions for HTML and JSX tags — the user no longer needs to start reformatting the code or do it manually.
  • Data from CSS files can be transferred to other files.
  • WebStorm now warns about undefined components of React.
  • Added support for Vuetify in the framework Vue.js.
  • In Node.js, an experimental function of workflows has appeared - they can be used for tasks that heavily load CPUs.

The changes also affected the development environment itself. For example, support for interceptions and pull requests for GitHub. Users have access to a new contrast theme.

In March 2018, version 2018.1 was released. In it, the developers added support for the Prettier code formatting service, as well as compact pop-up notifications with documentation for all supported languages

IntelliCode to be Available for TypeScript/JS & C++

As the code is written, the IntelliCode extension displays the command completion options not in alphabetical order, but depending on the context
06 December 2018   134

Microsoft implemented the intelligent hint feature for two languages ​​— TypeScript / JavaScript in Visual Studio Code and C ++ in Visual Studio. As the code is written, the IntelliCode extension displays the command completion options not in alphabetical order, but depending on the context. Such tips in the general list are marked with asterisks.

The extension is available in the Visual Studio Code Extensions Store, as well as in the Extensions tab of the text editor. After installation, no action is required - it is enough just to work in the editor, and the system itself will begin to offer hints.

According to the creators, the extension will also help navigate the JS libraries, regardless of the direction of development: writing the client side of the code using React, Angular or Vue or server side with Node.js or Express.

In Visual Studio 2019, the IntelliCode extension for C ++ development is available in the marketplace.

The creators of the extension promise that soon IntelliCode will learn from its own developer code. So far, smart tips are the result of analyzing a large array of foreign projects.

In addition, the team is considering adding IntelliCode support for C ++ to VS Code.

Microsoft introduced IntelliCode at Build 2018 as a system that simplifies and speeds up code generation by displaying the most relevant prompts. In May 2018, the feature was only available in Visual Studio 2017 for C #, but after a couple of months, IntelliCode support for Python appeared in Visual Studio Code.