WebStorm IDE received new update

"Smartest JavaScript IDE" now has a 2017.2.1 version
03 August 2017   3230

JavaScript is a lightweight interpreted or JIT-compiled programming language with first-class functions

A JavaScript IDE by JetBrains received new update. Now it's version 2017.2.1.

According to the developers, WebStorm is "the smartest JavaScript IDE".  WebStorm brings you smart coding assistance for JavaScript and compiled-to-JavaScript languages, Node.js, HTML and CSS. Enjoy code completion, powerful navigation features, on-the-fly error detection, and refactoring for all of these languages.


  • Angular, React, Vue.js and Meteor support
  • Smart Editor
  • Convenient navigation and search
  • Easy debugging, testing and tracing 
  • Seamless tool integration

What's new in version 2017.2.1?  

  • Karma integration now properly sees changes when re-compiling the code
  • React render method is no longer marked as static 
  • Flow: auto import now works for types; support for union optional type as arrow function return type
  • Auto import for React components now works in .tsx files 
  • Tab limit can again be set to 1 
  • Errors from ESLint are now highlighted in .vue files 
  • Debugging React Native apps: you can now use Chrome as a debugging backend instead of Node.js 8 

You can learn more of create issues in the Release Notes

Frontend News Digest 5 - 11.10

Three dots in JavaScript, when to use map instead of plain JS object, how to make first React Nattive app and much more
11 October 2019   223

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Frontend news digest.

One of the greatest things is this digest for newbies is a guid on how to create your first React Native app. Others may learn about the latest NestJS Addons: In-Memory DB update, three dots in JavaScript and interview with "adult" website dev


  • Clipping, Clipping, and More Clipping! 

Guide on how to use the CSS clip-path property to create interesting effects.

  • Trying to Make Sense of Gmail CSS Support

Highly specialized, but valuable for some specialists guide

  • The tale of three dots in Javascript

Tutorial about the usage of "three consecutive dots" in JS

  • When to Use Map instead of Plain JavaScript Object

Everything should be understandable from the heading, I believe.

  • How to make your first React Native app

You gonna learn how to create a new mobile appl using React Native Starter


  • ASPIRE: Ideals to Aspire to When Building Websites

Skilled developer made the case that sites should aspire to be Accessible, Secure, Performant, Inclusive, Responsive and Ethical.

  • Interview with Pornhub Team developer

Interesting interview with a guy that works for one of the most popular "adult" websites

  • Verify Phone Numbers On The Web with The SMS Receiver API

Preview of the in-development SMS Receiver API


  • Node Code Formatter

Automatically formats your code with your preferred code formatter

  • NestJS Addons: In-Memory DB

New version with built-in entity CrUD Controllers, whatever they are