Weiss Ratings to Issue New Crypto Report

According to famous rating agency, Ripple is number 1, EOS is 2 and Bitcoin is on the 3rd position
27 March 2019   329

In the new report on emerging trends in the cryptocurrency market of the rating agency Weiss XRP and EOS received higher marks than Bitcoin.

On Tuesday, the company submitted a report under the heading “Dark Shadows with a Bright Future”, in which it included 120 cryptocurrencies and assigned them letter ratings for the best combination of technology and practical significance.

XRP, which is currently the third largest crypto asset in terms of capitalization, received an “A” rating. According to the publication, it is in the “best position” to compete with the SWIFT. EOS was also awarded the “A” rating as the leading cryptocurrency competing with Ethereum as the “basis of the new Internet”.

Bitcoin became the third cryptocurrency with a rating of "A". The company took into account the development of a second-level solution for implementing the Lightning Network transactions and recognized the potential of Bitcoin to become a popular means of accumulation. He is followed by Ethereum with “A-” and Cardano with “B +” as platforms with wide possibilities for creating and launching smart contracts.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Leading cryptocurrencies now enjoy three times more volume in user (on-chain) transactions than they did in early 2018. The industry’s network capacity and security have improved dramatically. And the underlying technology has evolved with new, more efficient ways to create digital assets.

Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings Top 10 Coins
Weiss Ratings Top 10 Coins

In a separate procedure, the agency assessed the attractiveness of crypto assets for investors from the position of risk versus potential profitability. According to Weiss, only EOS, XRP, Bitcoin, and BNB deserve a “B-” rating, and none of the cryptocurrencies have been rated “A”.

Coincheck OTC to List ETH & XRP

OTC-platform from Coincheck aimed at large investors, started working about two weeks ago and minimum transaction threshold is 50 BTC
15 April 2019   286

Coincheck has added support for Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple's XRP token to the recently launched over-the-counter (OTC) platform. This is reported by Cointelegraph.

In addition to ETH and XRP, the Coincheck OTC platform supports Bitcoin. The management of the marketplace plans to add other cryptoactives in the future.

OTC platforms are focused mainly on large traders who want to reduce transaction costs when working with large amounts. In particular, transactions on such platforms are carried out outside the main book of exchange orders, which sometimes allows to avoid excessive price fluctuations. In addition, at such sites, investors often have the opportunity to buy or sell an asset at a better price.

OTC-platform from Coincheck started working about two weeks ago. The minimum transaction threshold is 50 BTC.

Last year, Coincheck fell victim to a massive hacker attack, during which over $ 500 million in XEM equivalent was stolen.

Then the exchange was bought by a large online broker Monex Group Inc. The deal amounted to $ 33.6 million.