Whales' to Buy 15k BTC in 2 Months

100 largest unknown wallets contain almost 13% of all Bitcoins; during last 2 months they increased balances with 151,405 BTC
27 February 2019   459

Bear market can be not only a source of frustration for investors, but also a good opportunity to replenish their portfolios. According to BitInfoCharts the balance of the largest addresses over the past two months increased by more than 150,000 BTC (about $ 570 million at the current rate), Bitcoin.com reports.

The first five addresses on the list are known and are cold wallet exchanges Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Huobi and Binance. In the period from December 17, 2018 to February 25, 2019, their aggregate balance increased by 2,879 BTC and reached almost 574,000 BTC (about 2.17 billion).

Subsequent addresses in the Top 100 are also partly owned by smaller exchanges, but in most of them their owners are unknown. During this period, their balances increased by 151,405 BTC.

BTC rich list figures according to Bitinfocharts.com
BTC rich list figures according to Bitinfocharts.com

As can be seen from the table, at the moment the 100 most weighty addresses, not counting the five cold wallets of the exchanges mentioned, contain 12.91% of all the bitcoins in circulation.

Third group of wallets (1709 addresses), ranging from 1,000 BTC to 10,000 BTC is also woth attention. During these two months, their aggregate balance sheets fell by 135,449 BTC, which, most likely, went to larger players. Nevertheless, they still control about 25% of all bitcoins in circulation.

South Koreans to Invest in Crypto Actively

In addition to the investment amounts, the share of those interested in investing in digital assets also increased
22 April 2019   81

The average amount of investments in cryptocurrency from South Korean invesetprs is $ 6,100, which is 64% more than last year, Cointelegraph reports.

According to a survey conducted by the Korean Fund for the Protection of Portfolio Investors, in addition to the investment amounts, the percentage of those interested in investing in digital assets also increased. Thus, 7.4% of the 2500 respondents have already acquired cryptocurrency (last year there were 6.4% of those). It is noteworthy that this figure has increased, despite several major break-ins of the South Korean crypto exchange, as well as tougher regulation of the industry.

Analysts connect the market with a recent bitcoin price jump and hope for a new bull rally.

Recall recently it became known that 94% of trust capital funds invest in cryptocurrency.