What is Ahead-of-Time Intervals in Java?

Video presentation of experimental Ahead Of Time intervals by two skilled developers 
04 August 2017   1869


 Popular general-purpose programming language and computing platform

Vladimir Kozlov,  principal technical staff member at Oracle, and Igor Veresov talked about the inner workings of the experimental AOT implementation - compilation phases, changes to Graal to support AOT, library sections, code execution model, novel approaches to profiling, runtime support.

AOT motivations:

  • Needed for long term strategy of supporting Future Java based JIT compiler.
  • Faster startup for the apps, with Hot Methods and class Initializers available.
  • Provide quicker time to peak performance.
  • Density improvement.

Additionally, strong and weak sides of AOT are discussed. Performance results. Future plans (cpu/os ports, CDS integration, heap serialization). 

TIOBE Index June 2019 to be Rolled Out

Java is still on the top, but experts noted fast growth of Python search queries, and they believe it can reach 1st place in 3-4 years
13 June 2019   214

June 2019 TIOBE Index has been released. Analysts noted a sharp increase in the proportion of searches for Python.

This month Python has reached again an all time high in TIOBE index of 8.5%. If Python can keep this pace, it will probably replace C and Java in 3 to 4 years time, thus becoming the most popular programming language of the world. The main reason for this is that software engineering is booming. It attracts lots of newcomers to the field. Java's way of programming is too verbose for beginners. In order to fully understand and run a simple program such as "hello world" in Java you need to have knowledge of classes, static methods and packages. In C this is a bit easier, but then you will be hit in the face with explicit memory management. In Python this is just a one-liner. 


Experts attributed the growing popularity of Python to the fact that now many have hit the development of software. And newcomers prefer Python - succinct and concise. According to analysts, Java for beginners is too verbose, and C sooner or later will force to understand the intricacies of memory management.