What is fd?

Small intro to a simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find, written in Rust
30 October 2017   1408

What is fd?

fd is a simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find.

While it does not seek to mirror all of find's powerful functionality, it provides sensible (opinionated) defaults for 80%of the use cases.

fd demo
fd demo


  • Convenient syntax: fd PATTERN instead of find -iname '*PATTERN*'.
  • Colorized terminal output (similar to ls).
  • It's fast
  • Smart case: the search is case-insensitive by default. It switches to case-sensitive if the pattern contains an uppercase character.
  • Ignores hidden directories and files, by default.
  • Ignores patterns from your .gitignore, by default.
  • Regular expressions.
  • Unicode-awareness.
  • The command name is 50% shorter than find .
  • Parallel command execution with a syntax similar to GNU Parallel.

if you are interested, you can learn more at GitHub.


Actix-Web Framework to be Given to the Community

The criticism storm had made the creator of the popular solution delete it, but now he restored it give to the community
21 January 2020   135

The author of the actix-web web framework, which was deleted a few days ago due to bullying, returned the repository with the code, as it was in demand by some developers.

I realized, a lot of people depends on actix. And it would be unfair to just delete repos. I promote JohnTitor to project leader. He did very good job helping me for the last year. I hope new community of developers emerge. And good luck!

Nikolay Kim

Creator, actix-web

At the same time, the author of actix-web still does not intend to continue development, but will transfer the project to the community and recommended JohnTitor, who previously assisted in the development, as a leader.

Recently, Nikolay faced a lot of criticism and bullying because he "hadn't follow the paradigm of Rust development" and "misused" the language. This made the talanted developer to leave the open source development and delete his creation. But his mind slightly changed now and the community has an opportunity to use and develop great solution.