What is Flashlight in Windows 10 Insider Preview?

Let's figure out, what Windows 10 Insider Preview Flashlight brings to us
31 July 2018   142

Microsoft announced the addition of the latest build of Windows 10 Insider Preview Flashlight, which allows the user to return to the real world without removing the VR-headset. With the help of a video camera connected to the controller, a picture of what is happening around is broadcast to the screen with some delay.

To see a picture of the real world, you can use the Start menu, voice command, or keyboard shortcut.

In addition to Flashlight, in the assembly of Windows 10 Insider Preview there are other interesting features:

  • extended "emotional" language Emoji 11;
  • Improved game panel;
  • timeliness of system updates.

The company also fixed a number of problems with the previous version.

In April 2018, Microsoft introduced another development that allows you to connect the virtual and real worlds - a flexible pad Project Zanzibar. With the help of the new gadget, you can register touch, read objects, detect hand movements in the air, and transfer electrical energy to other devices.

Nvidia to Open MDL SDK Source Code

As reported, this set of tools integrates the precise look and feel of real-world materials into rendering applications
15 August 2018   77

NVIDIA opened the source code of the Material Definition Language SDK. This tool kit is designed for transferring material parameters to any application for drawing 3D graphics. The tools will allow developers to use more applications for rendering and transfer projects to the Android and iOS platforms.

As an example, the company introduced fabric materials created in Allegorithmic Substance Designer. They can be saved in the library and quickly transferred to the Adobe Dimension CC application. The tools were also introduced into Unreal Studio 4.20 from Epic Games, designed to import 3D models into the Unreal Engine.

Being able to use a single material definition, like NVIDIA’s MDL, across multiple applications and render engines is a huge benefit to the end-user. Now that we’ve added MDL support to Unreal Studio, our enterprise customers can see their material representations converted to real time in Unreal Engine without baking every parameter. This means their creative intent can be carried to new forms of expression.

Ken Pimentel

Senior product manager of the Enterprise team, Epic Games

The tool kit also contains components for loading, checking and editing material parameters and converting them into PTX and LLVM-IR formats. Get more info at GitHub