What is GitLeaks?

Instrument that allows to search confidentional data in git-repositories finally made it to "release"
24 July 2018   2269

The developer Zachary Rice published on GitHub utility called Gitleaks, which audits repos and finds apps' confidentional data, put there by mistake.

Gitleaks offers faster audits, the ability to audit organizations and users, and the ability to whitelist branches, commits, files, and regexes. Gitleaks clones a single repo or a set of repos then runs a regex check for keys or whatever you specify against all commits in default HEAD and/or all references.

Zachary Rice

Creator, Gitleaks

The program checks git-repositories for the presence of RSA- and SSH-keys, as well as unique signs of access to Facebook or Amazon's web services.

The update added the following functions:

  • Scanning of all subdirectories, in addition to origin / HEAD;
  • concurrency control;
  • structured testing;
  • formation of "white lists";
  • use of regular expressions.

Learn more at GitHub.

Developers of the GitHub web service are working to improve security. In mid-July 2018, they added Python to a list of programming languages ​​for which automatic vulnerability checking is implemented.

GoDays 2020 in Berlin: HypeCodes Review

Check the latest insides from one of the biggest Golang developers' event in Europe
30 January 2020   375

GoDays is an event, designed to connect the Golang community. Large amount of different tech speeches and workshops last for 3 days. Go pros, newbies or just those who only interests in this language were able to share the skills, thoughts, experience and just had some fun!

HypeCodes is the Official Partner of the Event

According to the hosts, this event was the second for them, They were able to extend the number of workshops and the days of the event itself. In total, over 450 people visited the event from over 20 countries. The new locatio, – the old brewery Vollgutlager combined with the underground club Schwuz – turned out as a great and interesting place for the IT conference.

GoDays Berlin 2020
GoDays Berlin 2020

The event had just finished, so there's no official videos or reports yet. But we really liked it, it was great! Giant amount of interesting and sophisticated reports by skilled developers, a lot of great workshop, many new people!

GoDays Berlin 2020
GoDays Berlin 2020

On the first workshop day, these were the topics:

  • Build a REST-based microservice application with Echo
  • Go Serverless! Stop Worrying About Infrastructure and Ship More
  • Kubernetes - without containers - but with lots of Go
  • Delivering Modern Production-Ready Serverless Apps with AWS
  • Digital Scarcity & Gaming in Golang
GoDays Berlin 2020
GoDays Berlin 2020
GoDays Berlin 2020
GoDays Berlin 2020
GoDays Berlin 2020
GoDays Berlin 2020

And these are some of the talks:

  • I see what you did there! (Tracing in Go)
  • Making virtual machines cloud native with KubeVirt
  • Advanced debugging in golang
  • Translating Go to Other (Human) Languages, and Back Again
  • Building a multiplayer game server in Go and Webassembly
  • Introduction to Time-Series
  • The Internet of Gophers

And more and more and more!

So, we really liked the event and we're planning to visit it next time. Hope to see you there!

Learn more at the official website!