What is GitLeaks?

Instrument that allows to search confidentional data in git-repositories finally made it to "release"
24 July 2018   1831

The developer Zachary Rice published on GitHub utility called Gitleaks, which audits repos and finds apps' confidentional data, put there by mistake.

Gitleaks offers faster audits, the ability to audit organizations and users, and the ability to whitelist branches, commits, files, and regexes. Gitleaks clones a single repo or a set of repos then runs a regex check for keys or whatever you specify against all commits in default HEAD and/or all references.

Zachary Rice

Creator, Gitleaks

The program checks git-repositories for the presence of RSA- and SSH-keys, as well as unique signs of access to Facebook or Amazon's web services.

The update added the following functions:

  • Scanning of all subdirectories, in addition to origin / HEAD;
  • concurrency control;
  • structured testing;
  • formation of "white lists";
  • use of regular expressions.

Learn more at GitHub.

Developers of the GitHub web service are working to improve security. In mid-July 2018, they added Python to a list of programming languages ​​for which automatic vulnerability checking is implemented.

Go 1.13 to be Released

There are many new features and improvements in the new version of programming language
04 September 2019   1116

New version of Google support Go(lang) programming language has been released. 

We want to thank everyone who contributed to this release by writing code, filing bugs, providing feedback, and/or testing the beta and release candidates. Your contributions and diligence helped to ensure that Go 1.13 is as stable as possible. 

Go Team

These are some of the features:

  • The go command now downloads and authenticates modules using the Go module mirror and Go checksum database by default
  • Improvements to number literals
  • Error wrapping
  • TLS 1.3 on by default
  • Improved modules support

Learn more at the official website.