What is GitLeaks?

Instrument that allows to search confidentional data in git-repositories finally made it to "release"
24 July 2018   1232

The developer Zachary Rice published on GitHub utility called Gitleaks, which audits repos and finds apps' confidentional data, put there by mistake.

Gitleaks offers faster audits, the ability to audit organizations and users, and the ability to whitelist branches, commits, files, and regexes. Gitleaks clones a single repo or a set of repos then runs a regex check for keys or whatever you specify against all commits in default HEAD and/or all references.

Zachary Rice

Creator, Gitleaks

The program checks git-repositories for the presence of RSA- and SSH-keys, as well as unique signs of access to Facebook or Amazon's web services.

The update added the following functions:

  • Scanning of all subdirectories, in addition to origin / HEAD;
  • concurrency control;
  • structured testing;
  • formation of "white lists";
  • use of regular expressions.

Learn more at GitHub.

Developers of the GitHub web service are working to improve security. In mid-July 2018, they added Python to a list of programming languages ​​for which automatic vulnerability checking is implemented.

Go 1.12 to be Available

Great news for all Go enthuisiast and developers; let's check what's new
28 February 2019   310

Go 1.12 programming language released, which is being developed by Google with the participation of the community as a hybrid solution combining high performance of compiled languages with such advantages of scripting languages as ease of writing code, speed of development and protection from errors. The project code is distributed under the BSD license.

These are main updates:

  • Native TLS 1.3 support. It is not enabled by default, it is necessary to set the option tls13=1 in the environment variable GODEBUG (package crypto / tls).
  • Improved module system support. Developers are preparing to include it by default in version 1.13.
  • Windows support on ARM architecture systems. For example, Go can now be used with Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 3 boards.
  • Improved compatibility with upcoming versions of macOS and iOS. The layer for making specific system calls is the libSystem library.

Get more information at official documents.

Starting with Go 1.13, support for macOS 10.10 "Yosemite" will be discontinued, as the minimum supported version of macOS will be 10.11 "El Capitan". The next release also plans to end support for the FreeBSD 10.x branch.