What is Matcha?

Small overview of a framework, designing for Apple and Android apps development using Go 
03 October 2017   1504

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a package for building iOS and Android applications and frameworks in Go. Matcha provides a UI compenent library similar to ReactNative and exposes bindings to Objective-C and Java code through reflection. The library also provides Go APIs for common app tasks.



Matcha requires the following components to be installed. Unfortunately only macOS is supported at this time.

  • Go 1.8
  • Xcode 8.3
  • Android Studio 2.3
  • NDK
  • Protobuf 3.3 - ObjC and Java

To start, fetch the project and install the matcha command.

go get gomatcha.io/matcha/...

This command will create the Go standard library for iOS and Android. This may take awhile. The output is installed at $GOPATH/pkg/matcha. If your path doesn't contain $GOPATH/bin, you may need to replace these calls with $GOPATH/bin/matcha.

matcha init

Now build the example project. The output is installed at $GOPATH/src/gomatcha.io/matcha/ios/MatchaBridge/MatchaBridge/MatchaBridge.a and $GOPATH/src/gomatcha.io/matcha/android/matchabridge.aar.

matcha build gomatcha.io/matcha/examples

Let's open the sample iOS project.

open $GOPATH/src/gomatcha.io/matcha/examples/ios-app/SampleApp.xcworkspace

Learn more at GitHub.

GoLand 2018.3 to be Released by JetBrains

New version of IDE for Go programming language has a lot of new features
22 November 2018   399

Team JetBrains introduced a new version of IDE GoLand 2018.3. In this update, users will see:

  • refactoring by changing the signature;
  • memory dump;
  • Testify support;
  • new debugger tools;
  • Improved verification, prediction and code completion;
  • chart support;
  • updates for VCS, Docker, Kubernetes.

The new method of processing the code Change Signature will allow a single action to change the signature of functions and methods throughout the workspace. The function will show what will change in the code after application. The Inline tool will highlight the embedded code, and Rename will notify you of possible conflicts when renaming.

Added the ability to run and debug Google App Engine applications locally.

Go memory dumps are now available via Run / Open Core Dump directly in the IDE. To automatically create memory dumps, you need to enter GOTRACEBACK = crash in the Environment field.

Also, GoLand 2018.3 supports the Mozilla debugger rr, which allows you to search for a crash in the program by playing back its execution.

Get more info at official blog.

The previous version of GoLand 2018.2 was released in July 2018.