What is Polyglot Native?

Video overview of an ahead-of-time compiler for Java bytecode combined with a low-footprint VM
04 August 2017   14012


 Popular general-purpose programming language and computing platform

Execution of JVM-based programs uses bytecode loading and interpretation, just-in-time compilation, and monolithic heaps causes JVM-based programs to start-up slowly with a high memory footprint. In recent years, different projects were developed to address these issues:
ahead-of-time compilation for the JVM (JEP 295) improves on JVM startup time while Scala Native and Kotlin/Native provide language-specific solutions by compiling code with LLVM and providing language-specific runtimes.

Now Polyglot Native is presented an ahead-of-time compiler for Java bytecode combined with a low-footprint VM. With Polyglot Native, programs written in Kotlin, Scala, and other JVM-based languages have minimal startup time as they are compiled to native executables. Footprint of compiled programs is minimized by using a chunked heap and reducingnecessary program metadata.

In this talk, you will see:

  • the architecture of Polyglot Native and compare it to existing projects.
  • live-demo of a project that compiles code from Kotlin, Scala, Java, and C into a single binary executable.
  • intricacies of interoperability between Polyglot Native and C.

Calligra Plan 3.2 to be Available

Calligra Plan is a project management tools that allows you, for example, to coordinate the execution of tasks, plan the lead time, etc
19 November 2019   105

The release of the Calligra Plan 3.2 project management system (formerly KPlato), which is part of the Calligra office suite developed by KDE developers, is presented. Calligra Plan allows you to coordinate the execution of tasks, determine the relationships between ongoing work, plan the lead time, track the status of different stages of development and manage the allocation of resources when developing large projects.\

Some of the updates:

  • Add drag/drop and copy/paste using text/html and text/plain mimetypes.
  • This can be done from most table based views along with gantt charts and performance charts.
  • Add project templates.
  • Templates can be created from regular projects and stored in different places.
  • Settings are added to point to template storage.
  • Add hyper link handling to description editor.

Get more info at the official website