Wine 4.0 Released

Wine allows you to launch Windows apps on Linux and other Ubuntu-like OS
24 January 2019   825

After a year of development and 28 experimental versions, a stable release of an open Win32 API implementation — Wine 4.0 — was introduced, which incorporated more than 6,000 changes. Among the key achievements of the new version, we can note support for graphics API Direct3D 12 and Vulkan, the inclusion of the default Direct3D command processing flow by default, customizable interface with DPI, the support of game controllers, the implementation of correct operation on screens with high pixel density (High-DPI ) for the Android platform, Windows Media Player interface, support for running scheduled tasks, stopping native support for DOS executable files.

In Wine, the full-fledged work of 4737 programs for Windows is confirmed, another 4045 programs work fine with advanced settings and external DLLs. 3489 programs have some minor problems in their work, which do not interfere with the use of the basic functions of the applications.

Elementary OS 5.1 Hera to be Released

The main goal of the project is high-quality design, of an easy-to-use system that consumes minimal resources and ensures high launch speed
05 December 2019   96

Elementary OS 5.1 "Hera" distribution released. It is positioned as a fast, open and privacy-conscious alternative to Windows and macOS. The main focus of the project is on high-quality design, aimed at creating an easy-to-use system that consumes minimal resources and ensures high startup speed. Users are offered their own desktop environment Pantheon. Bootable iso-images (1.47 GB) are available for download, available for amd64 architecture (when downloading from the site, you must enter 0 in the field with the donation amount for free download).

The original components of Elementary OS are developed using GTK3, Vala, and its own Granite framework. The distribution of the Ubuntu project is used as the basis of the distribution. At the package level and repository support, Elementary OS 5.1 is compatible with Ubuntu 18.04. The graphical environment is based on Pantheon's own shell, which combines such components as the Gala window manager (based on LibMutter), the WingPanel top panel, Slingshot lancer, the Switchboard control panel, the Plank lower taskbar (an analogue of the Docky panel rewritten to Vala) and the session manager Pantheon Greeter (based on LightDM).

The environment includes a set of applications that are closely integrated into a single environment and are necessary for solving user problems. Among the applications, most of this is made up of the project’s own development, such as the Pantheon Terminal emulator, Pantheon Files file manager, Scratch text editor and Music (Noise) music player. The project also develops the Pantheon Photos photo manager (a branch from Shotwell) and the Pantheon Mail mail client (a branch from Geary).