Wirex will support Bitcoin Cash

Wirex banking platform announced its support for Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency
20 November 2017   1775

Wirex, a cloud-based headquartered in London personal banking platform that offers Bitcoin debit cards, remittances, and mobile banking, made an announcement on November 18 stating that it will support Bitcoin Cash. The same was described in the official twitter account of the currency itself.

As it was stated in the announcement, the development team has invested significant time in understanding technical implications and now they were given the green light in the development of the Bitcoin Cash Wallet.

Our top priority is the security of our customers’ funds, so we needed to ensure we could support this safely and securely on our network before saying anything.

Wirex Team

The users who had Bitcoin in their Wirex wallet during the Bitcoin Cash fork are claimed to receive the equivalent amount of Bitcoin Cash which will be credited into Bitcoin Cash Wallet once it will be released. The release of the wallet will follow the Dash Wallet integration which was also announced in the beginning of October 2017.

Currently Wirex allows users to link Bitcoin Wallets to Visa and MasterCard debit cards in up to three fiat denominations.

At the time of press Bitcoin Cash has a price of $1198, market capitalisation of $20 billion and 24h Volume of $1,3 billion.

Bitmain to Invest $3M in Fraud-Fighting Startup

The tribeOS platform runs on Bitcoin Cash blockchain and specializes in developing solutions to counter fraud in the advertising business
09 August 2018   191

The Chinese manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain invested $ 3 million in the tribeOS startup.

The tribeOS platform runs on Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Startup specializes in developing solutions to counter fraud in the advertising business.

It is known that advertisers annually lose about $ 19 billion due to falsifications of statistical data and traffic.

As the developers stated, the automated digital media market with solutions from tribeOS will start operating in 2019.

Also, tribeOS, together with the Bermuda Business Development Agency
intends to create a FIRE token with the help of Bitcoin Cash. Among the startup advisors is the ardent supporter of the Bitcoin Cash fork, Roger Ver and the senior software engineer at Coinbase, Josh Ellitorp.