WWF to track quality of products using blockchain

World Wildlife Fund partnered with ConsenSys, TraSeable, Sea Quest Fiji and Viant to track quality of fish using blockchain, and prevent illegal fishing that can deplete the tuna population
09 January 2018   917

The World Widelife Fund for Nature, an international non-governmental organization, working in the field of the wilderness preservation, and the reduction of human impact on the environment, has announced its partnership with ConsenSys, communications technology partner TraSeable, tuna fishing and processing company Sea Quest Fiji, and blockchain company Viant.

The partnership was made in order to prevent the illegal fishing that can reduce the tuna population. SeaQuest Fiji will launch a verification system based on blockchain, which will record the "voyage of tuna from seafaring vessel to grocer, beginning with tagging the catch with radio-frequency identification e-tags".

From the moment the fish comes aboard the vessel the blockchain technology captures their journey in a digital manner and allows every person through the supply chain to see the story of that fish.

Brett Haywood

Chief executive officer, Sea Quest

The certification system, provided by blockchain-based platform for modeling business processes Viant aims to provide a detailed way to verify a fish’s journey from the ocean to the market.

We see blockchain technology as being able to step up the transparency in the supply chain, which previously was difficult or quite expensive to do.

Dermot O'Gorman

Chief executive officer, WWF Australia

It is reported that WWF is currently exploring the idea of blockchain technology and may apply it in other sectors of industry and fundraising initiatives, eventually aiming to use it more widely.

Binance to Join Forces With IdentityMind

IdentityMind provides exchanges with ability to comply with KYC\AML worldwide
26 March 2019   79

Binance announced an agreement with IdentityMind, which will help it ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and improve data security.

IdentityMind provides cryptocurrency exchanges with access to the platform, thanks to which they can monitor compliance with customer identification and anti-money laundering requirements in real time. This includes connecting new customers, managing their profiles and monitoring transactions.

The partnership between Binance and IdentityMind further strengthens our compliance capabilities and our commitment to re-invest in the blockchain ecosystem and grow it. We continue to evolve and enhance security systems while adhering to regulatory mandates in the countries we operate in. The goal is to foster greater trust among financial institutions worldwide.

Samuel Lim

Chief Compliance Officer, Binance

Last year, Bloomberg wrote about the Binance user identification system as the least strict in the entire industry, and linked the “level of anonymity” provided by the exchange with the risks of money laundering and market manipulation.

In October, Binance entered into an agreement with a supplier of transaction analysis software on the blockchains Chainalysis, and in November with Refinitiv, which developed an automated solution for client verification.

Whether the ordinary users of the platform will feel the impact of the integration of IdentityMind tools on themselves, the exchange does not specify.