Zcash Developer Threatened with Hardfork

As reported, Maintainer of the Windows zcash wallet software, D. Jane Mercer, was going to cease development of the clients
22 June 2018   40050

One of the developers of software for Windows-wallet of ZCash threatened to implement the hardfork of this crypto, if he will not be compensated. This is reported by CoinDesk.

According to Jane Mercer, last year he worked on a voluntary basis and lived for donations, and sometimes he had to work for free. After he ran out of funds, he decided to resort to threats to end his activities and "split" the network.

The Zcash community did not ignore this incident, and for a short period, Mercer's wallet received several anonymous transactions amounting to 80 ZEC (about $ 15,000). According to the developer, with threats he wanted to express his disappointment.

As reported, if Mercer stopped developing software for the ZCash wallet, which is installed in tens or even hundreds of thousands of users, customers couldn't use it after the upcoming network updates.

I finally got one of the Zcash Foundation board members on the phone, and he managed to talk me back from the ledge from chain fork threats and fun things like that. I'm all calmed down, everything is happy now, I hate altcoin drama and it's the only time I have stirred it up deliberately in my life.

Jane Mercer

Developer, Zcash Foundation

Overwinter update for Zcash is planned for 25th of June.

Messari to Issue "Crypto Theses for 2020"

According to the report of the analytical startup, Binance and Twitter CEOs Zhao and Dorsey are the top "people to watch" next year
18 December 2019   564

The analytical startup Messari presented a rating of persons and trends that will predetermine the further development of the cryptocurrency market.

Binance Exchange CEO Changpen Zhao is on the first place among people. Researchers responded to the active development of the site and the huge influence of Zhao himself on the opinion of the crypto community.

Second place went to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who opened a cryptocurrency branch in his payment company Square and promoting the ideas of bitcoin to the masses.

Researchers awarded third place to lawyer Brian Klein, who is currently running the case of Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith, accused of violating US sanctions laws. According to them, in the next decade, the cryptocurrency industry will face many lawsuits.

In fourth place was the director of strategic development of CoinShares investment company Meltem Demirors, who used the term “shtcoin” at the Libra vs. USA congress.

Fifth place went to US Congressman Brad Sherman, who, according to Messari, poses a threat to cryptocurrencies, calling them a tool of terrorists and tax evaders.

Morgan Beller, co-founder of the Libra project from Facebook, took the sixth line of the rating.

MakerDAO Foundation CEO Rune Christensen, who influenced the DeFi ecosystem and managed to solve several critical problems in his own project, is in seventh place.

On the eighth line is Zcash founder Zooko Wilcox, who continues to contribute to maintaining confidentiality in the cryptocurrency market.

The ninth place is held by the founder of TRON, Justin Sun, thanks to the successful acquisition of BitTorrent, Poloniex and Steemit, as well as a scandalous dinner with Warren Buffett.

On the tenth, host of the popular Bitcoin podcast, Peter McCormack. Researchers noted his significant contribution to the popularization of cryptocurrencies and the educational content of his programs.