Zcash Used Chernobyl Radioactive Waste

Radioactive waste used to ensure the secrecy of Zcash network
30 January 2018   1494

The developers of anonymous cryptocurrency Zcash used radioactive waste from Chernobyl to ensure the secrecy of their network, CoinDesk reports.

As reported on the ZCash Foundation website, any calculation to create and confirm zero-disclosure evidence (zk-SNARKs) used in ZCash and a number of other anonymous crypto-currencies requires the specification of public parameters. If someone can unravel the algorithm for setting these parameters, he can create his own false evidence.

It is for this reason that ZCash developers conduct so-called Powers of Tau ceremonies, during which the most trusted persons, using complex procedures, set the initial parameters. This time, as an alternative to the generation of random parameters, radioactive waste was used.

According to the developer Andy Miller, the source of low-frequency radiation from gamma and beta particles was graphite, extracted from the reactor core of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The Geiger counter connected to the number generator helped to translate the radiation into numerical values, which were integrated into the code.

The entropy source was a hardware-based random number generator utilizing a Geiger tube and a radioactive source, constructed and programmed by Ryan Pierce. [The graphite emitted very low levels of radiation], falling substantially below all thresholds that might restrict its transportation by air, and posting no health risk.

Andrew Miller


To ensure the impossibility of interference in the procedure of third parties, it was conducted at an altitude of 900 m above sea level in a private aircraft over the states of Illinois and Wisconsin. Also, developers, as a rule, destroy all computers or, at least, the software used to create the code.

In theory, this procedure allowed developers to get an absolutely random and private code snippet, which they can use to further improve Zcash.

Tron and Zencash are Now accepted at Pornhub

The world’s largest adult entertainment websites Pornhub, now accepts cryptocurrency Tron as payment: this is significant for the newly independent Tron
27 June 2018   676

Tron was ran on the Ethereum blockchain in April 2017 but soon declared itself as a competitor to its progenitor. It then migrated to a Beta version of its own blockchain at the end of May. Tron`s value has been steadily falling since its migration.


TRON charts

Pornhub introduces major new marketplace for Tron. Working since 2007, the site issued its 2017 ‘year in review’ in January and the numbers are staggering. 81 million visits a day (or 28.5 billion a year), 25 billion searches performed (that’s 800 per second), 68 years worth of porn uploaded, and 3,732 petabytes of data transferred - “every 5 minutes Pornhub transmits more data than the entire contents of the New York Public library’s 50 million books.”

Decentralized payment systems have continued to grow in popularity, and cryptocurrency adoption is exploding across a broad economic spectrum. Today, cryptocurrencies are especially viable in the adult entertainment industry because they are privacy-centric and incorporate more anonymity tools than traditional tender.
Corey Price
Pornhub VP

Another digital currency now accepted by Pornhub is Zencash, that is a fork of Zcash. Like it Zcash, Zencash is an anonymity-focused coin. Both they are similar but Zencash has additional features such as encrypted messaging and secure nodes - a small number of blockchain nodes that protect the blockchain from attacks, motivated to do so with a reward system similar to proof-of-stake. It has a market cap of $67 million (Zcash is at $682 million).

Pornhub was acquired by MindGeek in 2010. MindGeek is a Canadian pornography group that has been aggressive in its acquisitions over the last decade, according to Forbes, and now owns 8 of the 10 largest pornography websites. Tron has been making huge steps since its migration. It purchased software firm BitTorrent at the beginning of June for an amount which stays undisclosed but is reckoned to be well over $100 million. Some found this puzzling because BitTorrent is a file sharing website that is completely open source.

Tron Price at the Moment of Press: $0,039690 
Market Cap: $2 609 542 551
Volume (24h): $109 684 000