Zcash's Hardfork Overwinter Implemented

Additionally to hardfork implementation, team had unveiled the roadmap proposal
27 June 2018   471

Zcash reported the successful activation of Overwinter - the software needed for the future major upgrade called Sapling.

The Overwinter upgrade was activated on June 26, at 00:42 UTC on the 347,500 block. The new software, first of all, opens the way for one more important update of Zcash called Sapling, activation of which is expected in September of this year.

Overwinter includes version control, protection from replaying transactions for future upgrades, an overall improvement in the health of transparent transactions, and other new features.

While it is unclear the exact number of nodes that supported the update of Overwinter. However, previously the developer of Zcash, Simon Liu, told CoinDesk about "unanimous support" by all network members. So, on the website of the project, it was said that 12 crypto-exchange exchanges, as well as various mining pools, claimed about the support of Overwinter.

Also, Zcash team provided the roadmap proposal. Zcash roadmap keynotes:

  • Reference User Wallet
  • Privacy Adoption
  • Protocol Research and Development
  • Ongoing Business Development and Marketing
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support
  • Decentralization Support

Zcash to Implement Sapling Hardfork

Zcash team says that Sapling is a rebirth of the coin
29 October 2018   134

In the main Zcash network, the Sapling protocol was activated, which is necessary to perform secure transactions and increase blockchain performance.

The update is activated at block 419200. It, in particular, will reduce the time for processing transactions up to 90%, as well as significantly reduce the requirements for the amount of memory required to perform secure transactions. Sapling activation will also make it possible to use lightweight clients for secure transactions, and not just full nodes.

Immediately after activating Sapling, users of the zcashd client have access to addresses of a new type. Currently, funds cannot be transferred from protected old addresses to new ones without disclosing the amount of the transaction. This makes it possible to audit the monetary base of ZEC relating to protected addresses. The Zcash team is currently working on creating a tool to automate the movement of funds without compromising user privacy.

The Zcash blog also says that Sapling activation is essentially a “rebirth of cryptocurrency” because it takes the project a step closer to mass adoption as an open and confidential payment system.