ZCL rising due to the news of Bitcoin Private hard fork

Zclassic founder is working on the project and ZCL will undergo a hard fork in 2018 after which all ZCL holders will receive Bitcoin Private tokens
27 December 2017   1859

ZClassic is a coin that appeared on November 6, 2016 forking from ZCash in order to bring such changes as the removal of slow start and 20% founders reward. ZClassic did not receive a lot of public attention lately due to absence of any outstanding announcements, but from December 8, when Rhett Creighton tweeted that he would resume work on ZClassic, the coin started actively rising in price.

  • Total circulating supply of BTCP: 18,500,000 BTCP (supply BTC + supply ZCL)
  • Max supply BTCP: 21,000,000 BTCP

As it is stated on ZClassic subreddit thread, if the users own Zclassic and/or Bitcoin during the snapshot, they will receive Bitcoin Private in the ratio of 1:1. The users are not recommended to hold ZCL and BTC on Bittrex because it is still unclear if they will support the fork or not.

The community is still in the process of deciding the details of the fork, choosing between non-SegWit BTC addresses and BCH addresses.

The news about the upcoming fork and Bitcoin Private tokens distibution attracted lots of attention to ZClassic coin and the users started actively buying it in order to receive distributed tokens. This lead to the surge in ZClassic price which rose 453% within past 7 days and 175% within past 24 hours.

Zclassic in the list of coins ranked by market capitalizationZClassic in the list of coins ranked by market capitalization

The price of ZClassic grew from $4,66 on December 20 to $31,9 on December 27 while the market capitalization increased by $50 million within only one week reaching the mark of $57 million at 6:04 UTC on December 27.

ZClassic Charts december 2017ZClassic Charts

At the moment of press, these are the main market parameters of ZClassic:

  • Average Price: $25,72
  • Market Cap: $46 542 627
  • 24h Volume: $25 396 900 

ZEC Can Hit $60k in 2025, Grayscale Investments Says

In order for this prediction to come true, 10% of world offshores should "enter" in Zcash
01 February 2018   228

The rate of anonymous crypto currency can rise to $ 60,000 by 2025. Financial model, developed by the researcher of Grayscale Matthew Beck says about it. At the time of publication, 1 ZEC costs about $ 400, which means that it needs to grow 150 times to make this prediction come true. This is reported by Fortune.

However, in the financial model, there is one assumption: Zcash could reach such heights, by 2025 it should be 10% of all offshore assets. Although this statement may seem absurd given the current alignment of forces in the market, Beck argues that the potential of Zcash is extremely underrated.

We think of ZEC as the first globally accessible ‘offshore’ investment opportunity, or a Swiss bank account in your pocket, so to speak. There is no single point of failure. Investors are not bound to the success or failure of a single entity, political regime, or economy.

Mattew Beck

Grayscale Investment

At the moment of press, these are main ZEC market parameters:

  • Average Price: $393.87
  • Market Cap: $1 253 426 55
  • 24h Volume: $74 727 600