Zeek 3.0.0 to be Available

Previous version of Zeek, a traffic analysis platform that focuses primarily on tracking security events, was released 7 years ago
25 September 2019   408

Seven years after the formation of the last significant branch, the release of the Zeek 3.0.0 traffic analysis and network intrusion detection system, previously distributed under the name Bro, was presented. The system code is written in C ++ and is distributed under the BSD license.

Zeek is a traffic analysis platform that focuses primarily on tracking security events, but is not limited to this application. Modules for analysis and analysis of various network protocols of the application level are provided, taking into account the state of connections and allowing the formation of a detailed log (archive) of network activity. A subject-oriented language is proposed for writing monitoring scenarios and identifying anomalies taking into account the specifics of specific infrastructures. The system is optimized for use in networks with high bandwidth. An API is provided for integration with third-party information systems and real-time data exchange.

You can have more info at GitHub.

Julia Programming Language Version 1.3 Released

The language itself has some elements from Ruby and Lisp with syntax similar to MATLAB; new update brings a lot of new
26 November 2019   169

Julia programming language version 1.3 released. Language combines qualities such as high performance, support for dynamic typing and built-in tools for parallel programming. The syntax of Julia is close to MATLAB with the borrowing of some elements from Ruby and Lisp. The string manipulation method is reminiscent of Perl. The project code is distributed under the MIT license.

In the new version:

  • Implemented the ability to add methods to abstract types;
  • Provides support for Unicode 12.1.0 and the ability to use specific faces of Unicode digital characters  in identifiers;
  • To output and parse non-standard variable names, a new syntax is proposed var "# str #";
  • Multithreading tools are expanded: Threads. @ Spawn macro and the Channel keyword (f :: Function, spawn = true) are added to organize the launch of tasks in any available thread. All system input / output operations with files and sockets, as well as a pseudo-random number generator, are adapted for multi-threaded applications (thread-safe);
  • New library functions have been added, including findfirst, findlast, findnext, findprev, findall (pattern, string), count (pattern, string), sincosd (x) and nonmissingtype.