Zen to release community protocol

The community release of the Zen Protocol, Malkuth is rolling out on June 30 to enable token transferability
14 June 2018   905

The release of the Zen Protocol to the community - Malkuth, is going to allow all Zen Protocol Native tokens to be transferable at ease. The roll-out is set on June 30. Another feature will be the smart contracts activation that come with proven costs and full format verification support.

The initial mining algorithm will be SHA-3. The following update is going to include Multi-Hash-Mining. Import of the 24-word mnemonic phrase into the wallet is necessary in order to gain access to the tokens after the launch. As the Zen project approaches Genesis block inception, QA testing and audits are underway to ensure a stable and secure blockchain. Independent security researchers are welcome to review the codebase and give some feedback.

Zen Protocol is a decentralized financial system that gives clients control over their financial assets and acts as a trading floor, a broker and a tool for making new instruments. More information about the project is available here.

Binance to Add WeChat and Alipay Support

According to the anonymous sources of The Block, the feature is in the testing stage for Android users
10 October 2019   114

Binance Exchange will add support for the largest Chinese payment systems WeChat and Alipay.

Referring to informed sources, The Block reported that this option is currently being tested for Android users, and will soon become available for iOS and the desktop version of the trading platform.

Note that in China, the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges were officially banned at the end of 2017. However, residents of the country are actively using P2P and OTC platforms to buy bitcoin.