ZenCash to perform a mandatory upgrade

ZenCash is releasing a mandatory upgrade to be performed by June 27 to align the codebase to Zcash and introduce upgrade manager
18 June 2018   1043

ZenCash is rolling Zen 2.0.14 and Super Nodes as part of the mandatory upgrade that is to be executed by June 27 by all nodes, pools, exchanges, and wallets. The new Zen 2.0.14 is going to feature:

  • 10% increase of secure node block rewards;
  • 10% increase of Super Node block rewards;
  • 10% increase of treasury;
  • fork manager;
  • null Data (OP_RETURN) transactions.

The mandatory upgrade will mark the deployment of Super Nodes and the infrastructure migration to a new hosting server. After a thorough testing, Super Nodes will start producing earnings. Additional details are available here.

Price-wise, ZenCash characteristics are as follows:

Average price 18.65 USD
Market cap 76,207,622 USD
Volume (24H) 587,305 US

Bittrex to Go For Maintenance After 1/3 Funds Moved

Users suspects hack, but exchange says "funds are safe"
05 December 2019   94

The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange has announced scheduled maintenance today, December 5, from 22:00 to 23:00 (GMT). On the eve, a third of its assets were transferred to an unknown wallet.

During maintenance, users will not be able to log into the system or use the APIs. Trading will be suspended.

On December the 4th, populat Twitter account posted that "43,564 #BTC (313,074,134 USD) transferred from Bittrex to unknown wallet." Users suspected that the exchange was hacked, but the exchange . 

Closures for scheduled maintenance only heightened suspicion. However, the Bittrex team assures that "that claim is false."