Zilliqa to Launch Mainnet Smart Contract

Zilliqa has conducted a successful tokensale back in January 2018, reaching the $22M hardcap
11 June 2019   1197

The developers of the blockchain project Zilliqa announced the launch of smart contracts based on the Scilla language in their core network.

In 2017, we envisioned creating the first ever- public blockchain based on sharding - one offering superior security, user-convenience and a high performance platform. Guess what Today, we've delivered on this. We are thrilled to declare smart contracts officially launched!!!

Amrit Kumar

President and CSO, Zilliqa

Zilliqa smart contracts are subject to formal verification and are equipped with a set of static analyzers that help identify potential errors and bugs.

In addition, the Scilla language allows you to handle various operational components, such as computing and communication with other contracts, in a “clean way”, eliminating complex interlaces. According to the developers, this will help prevent such incidents like hacking DAO and Parity.

To solve the scalability problem, Zilliqa uses sharding technology. In 2017, the developers said they would bypass Ethereum 1,000 times the transaction processing speed.

At the end of January, the official launch of the main Zilliqa network took place. At the same time, representatives of the project announced plans to launch an exchange for the trade in tokenized shares of Uber, Airbnb and SpaceX.

Chainlink May Sell Big Amount of Own Tokens

According to the experts' research, $30M worth tokens were sold by the ICO team itself
12 August 2019   1943

The Chainlink team was suspected of large-scale liquidation of LINK tokens. For a month and a half, the project capitalization decreased by $ 600 million, Trustnodes reports.

On July 6, a recruitment message was posted on the project’s Twitter page, which, according to some observers, was the beginning of the dump.

We do sincerely appreciate our community’s continued support and understanding as we expand the number of people working on Chainlink, and we will of course do our best to ensure that our expansion plans are accomplished responsibly, carefully managing the company's resources, capital and LINK, with a focus on continuing to create an overall positive effect on the Chainlink network over the long-term.

Sergey Nazarov (old message in the company's blog)

Chainlink team

Following this message, a schedule was circulated on social networks showing the alleged token sales of 700,000 LINK at each price rebound after reaching a peak at the end of June.

Alleged Chainlink Dump, Aug 2019
Alleged Chainlink Dump, Aug 2019 

According to Etherscan, 14 transactions of 700,000 LINK were made, which totaled 9.8 million tokens, or about $ 30 million.

After going through a small chain of addresses, these tokens were sold on Binance, noted in Trustnodes.

Chainlink Selling, Aug. 2019
Chainlink Selling, Aug. 2019

Observers believe that at the end of June the daily trading volumes of ChainLink on the Binance exchange were artificially boosted. So, with a capitalization of only $ 1.4 billion, this figure amounted to $ 863 million. According to some, the price movement chart for the mentioned period looks unnatural, especially considering that volumes in favor of sales were recorded on one of the green candles. There is a possibility that the unknown wanted to provoke FOMO, but could not achieve the goal.

Some believe that the message about the expansion of the staff was only an attempt to hide the large-scale liquidation of tokens.

It is worth noting that in 2017 Chainlink raised $ 32 million through the sale of 350 million LINK through an ICO. At the same time, the team saved 650 million LINK for the further development of the project.

According to a recent analysis of the ICO market, Chainlink entered the top five most successful ICOs in terms of growth in bitcoin.