Z/Yen Group urged to develop ethical standards for ICO

The London Token Fundraising Manifesto released, signed by more than 30 representatives of the British crypto industry  
26 October 2017   1710

The London-based Z/Yen Group research center published a manifesto calling for the new standards for the ICOs.

The authors of the manifesto note that the blockhain technology risks to earn a bad reputation because of the chaos that prevails in the market of cryptocurrencies and ICO.

Where is the new technology that has not been decried as dangerous by its incumbent opponents? The great potential of this technology risks being put back significantly, denying benefits to billions, if significantly tainted with incompetent delivery or fraudulent schemes. In that eventuality, rightly, expect regulators, the judiciary, legislators, and the public to bear down on the use of smart ledgers.

The London Token Fundraising Manifesto 

The document proposes to establish new ethical standards for ICO start-ups and bring to the fore autonomy, transparency, honesty and fairness.

The manifesto was signed by more than 30 representatives of the British cryptocoin industry.

Telegram Open Network May be Launched in Q3 2019

According to the documents received by the media, the platform has been successfully tested
24 May 2019   62

The blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON) will be launched in the third quarter of 2019. It is reported by The Block, citing investors of the project, who allegedly received letters with this information.

According to the documents received, the platform has been successfully tested. His results confirmed the conformity of the blockchain and the consensus algorithm to the goals stated in white paper.

The testing period reaffirmed the assurance that the TON virtual machine and the consensus algorithm are able to achieve the goals described in the original white paper, a letter to investors said.

Closed testing of TON started in April. The possibilities of the blockchain platform were tested by several professional teams consisting of developers from different countries of the world, including Russia.

Finally, the platform should be launched no later than October 31, 2019. Otherwise, all agreements for the purchase of Gram tokens with the project investors will be canceled.